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Calcium Supplement Tablets 500MG With Vitamin D3 - 100 Tablets


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How the Body Uses Vitamin D3

Bone Health ; Vitamin D3 is best known for its role in supporting bone health. It works by promoting the absorption of bone strengthening minerals; such as calcium and phosphorus; and reducing urinary calcium loss – both essential functions for maintaining adequate mineral levels within the body. Without the right balance of minerals; the bones may become weak and brittle. Many studies have shown that vitamin D3 supplementation along with calcium helps to support healthy bones‚ but recent research indicates that vitamin D3 supplementation alone may also have a positive impact on bone health.

Cellular Health ; Studies have shown that vitamin D helps promote healthy cellular functions; which can support colon health. This vitamin has also been shown to provide general cellular support by helping to maintain healthy angiogenesis. This keeps body cells; including those of the breast and prostate‚ in good health as it supports immune cell activity and maintains healthy cell metabolism. Other studies have suggested that vitamin D3; such as that found in these supplements by Pure Encapsulations; may also play a role in maintaining healthy glucose metabolism (because vitamin D receptors are found on the islet cells of the pancreas). However more research must be done on this topic.

Cardiovascular Support – Recent research has shown that vitamin D3 may provide some cardiovascular support‚ which may possibly be due to its role in calcium metabolism. It may also be effective because of its ability to help maintain healthy plasma rennin function.