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SS Tea Ball 4.5" Set Of


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Made of stainless steel food-grade material, fine mesh design (with lid), dishwasher safe. Long handle fits openings 2.5in - 4in, you can use it on a variety of cups, mugs or pots.
Made of stainless steel food-grade material, dishwasher safe, strong and durable.
Designed with fine holes and chains, allows water passing through but keep loose leaves in inside.
Made of food grade silicone, urable and reusable, heat resistant
With a rope on the top, you could take it out of the cup easily.
They will meet your family or friends' different preferences, and allow you using them in tea cups, mugs, teapots at the same time, what a nice thing!
Dishwasher Safe
Materials: Stainless Steel
Code: SS Tea Ball 4"